Amazingly fast WordPress hosting

Easily deploy, manage and scale WordPress sites on next-generation cloud infrastructure powered by managed Kubernetes clusters.

Key features:

  • WordPress optimized stack
  • Self-healing containers
  • Built on Google Cloud
  • Free Auto SSL/TLS certificates
  • Nightly snapshots/backups

Instant Provisioning

Easily create new WordPress sites in seconds—fully optimized and secured with HTTPS encryption.

Built for Developers

Our application stacks comes preconfigured with tools that improve the developer experience.

Flexible Scaling

Quickly add extra capacity when you need it thanks to the cloud and modern cluster technology.

Go beyond basic WordPress hosting.

When you're running a successful WordPress site, you don't want to spend your time maintaining servers and complex infrastructure. By hosting your site on ProperHost, you benefit from a partner that knows what it takes to operate a high-traffic WordPress site.

Our container platform allows you to provision scalable WordPress clusters without having to worry about the technical details.

Free Migration

We'll help you get started in no time.

Push to Deploy

Simplify your development workflow with Git.

Inherently Secure

Sandboxed microservice containers and HTTPS.

Staging Environments

Easily test changes before deploying to prod.

Improve your page loading time.

A slow website is bad for SEO, results in a poor user experience, and causes visitors to leave your site early. Responsive pages increase the engagement and overall satisfaction of visitors to your WordPress blog or content portal.

If you're serious about your online presence, you'll want to choose a hosting service that meets the highest standards.

Stable Performance

Each container has reserved resources and limits.

Fast Caching

Varnish and Redis are available out of the box.

Horizontal Scaling

Add more container instances when needed.

Optimized Stack

Application stack carefully optimized for WordPress.

All you need to build, manage and scale WordPress

Server Automation

Instantly provision sites with a few button clicks.

24/7 Support

Get help from our team of experts when you need it.


Accelerate development with built-in CI/CD and Git.

Automatic Failover

Application containers seamlessly move between nodes.

Free SSL Certificates

All sites gets HTTPS encryption by default.

Team Collaboration

Easily work together with other developers.

Unified UI

Manage all your sites through a single dashboard.

Rollback Support

Easily revert a bad deploy in case of a problem.