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Flexible plans.

Start cheap and pay as you grow. Straight-forward pricing with no hidden fees or surprises.

Starting from
$49 /mo
  • 20 GB cloud storage
  • Git-driven deployments
  • Free staging environment
  • Daily snapshots
  • Free SSL certificate

Customize your plan
with addon features


Enable fast in-memory cache and centralized session storage.

Price: $25/mo (per instance)


Replace default full-page cache for faster response times on busy sites.

Price: $25/mo (per instance)


Provide a faster and more accurate search experience.

Price: $65/mo (per instance)

Add'l workers

Handle more concurrent visitors by scaling the number of instances.

Price: $45/mo (per instance)

Add'l storage

Increase the disk space available to store your files and databases.

Price: $1.50/mo (per GB)


Enable developer collaboration and user management .

Price: Contact sales

Frequently asked questions.

Q: What separates ProperHost from other hosting providers?

ProperHost offers a next generation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), combining container-based cloud hosting with a industry-leading developer experience, that takes away the pain of configuring and managing modern web applications.

With a git-based development workflow and integrated CI/CD code deployment features, ProperHost streamlines your entire application delivery lifecycle without you having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Lastly, ProperHost is a complete collaboration platform, making it easy for developers to work together on projects. Learn more about how ProperHost can help your agency or team.

Q: Are containers the same as a VPS/VM/cloud instance?

No. Containers are more light-weight and scalable, which means less overhead and more resources available to your site.

ProperHost's bespoke cloud platform is built on top of Kubernetes, which provides additional unique benefits, such as automatic failover/self-healing, native horizontal scaling, and intrinsic security.

Q: How much CPU/RAM do I get?

Our platform is based on a microservices architecture, where each component of your server stack runs as a separate container. This allows us to optimize each workload individually and place resources where it is most needed. Instead of adding more CPU and RAM to a single server (vertical scaling), we use horizontal scaling to load balance traffic across multiple instances of your application.

Q: Which control panel do you offer?

ProperHost cloud comes with a custom-developed dashboard built on top of our innovative platform. Generic control panels such as cPanel and DirectAdmin does not offer the user experience and functionality needed to efficiently build and manage modern web sites.

Q: Why don't you provide email services?

Email, although as simple as it sounds, is often the source of most problems and frustration for website owners. To ensure reliable email deliverability we are of the opinion that using a 3. party email service provider is the far better option.

By not co-hosting your email service with your website, your delivery rates will be higher and there's much less risk of messages being flagged as spam or rejected due to poor IP reputation and "noisy neighbours".

To simplify integration with 3. party email providers, we provide an easy way to route emails through an external SMTP server without having to make changes to your existing application code. All you have to do is enter your mail settings in your site dashboard.

Q: Do I need to know Docker or containers to use your service?

Absolutely not! One of the main goals of our platform is to bring you the benefits of state-of-the-art technology without having to deal with the complexity and steep learning curve.

Some experience with Git and modern development workflows is recommended, but not required.

Q: Can I host multiple sites on one account?

You can manage unlimited sites within your ProperHost account, however, each plan is intended to host only a single site/installation. This is due to security reasons and how the underlying container architecture and deployment pipeline works.

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