Magento hosting built for speed.

Our managed container clusters built on Google Cloud makes it easier than ever to deploy and scale your Magento store.

Key features:

  • Optimized for Magento 1.x–2.4+
  • Built-in Elasticsearch, Redis, Varnish
  • Amazingly fast servers
  • Free Auto SSL/TLS certificates
  • Nightly snapshots/backups

Zero-Config Infrastructure

Deploy fully optimized Magento stacks in minutes just by clicking a button. No server admin needed.

Self-Healing Architecture

Resilient cloud infrastructure that automatically recovers from server crashes and errors.

Seamless Auto-Scaling

Native high availability (HA) and horizontal scaling that supports your growing business needs.

Focus on your business, not the technology

At ProperHost, you don't have to worry about servers, security, or database tuning while running your online store. We do all the grunt work so you can spend your time on what really matters—getting more customers and sales.

Our bespoke hosting platform is the culmination of nearly 15 years of experience building high-performance solutions on Magento.

Free Migration

We'll help you get started in no time.

PCI Compliant

Accept payments online safely and hassle-free.

Inherently Secure

Sandboxed microservice containers and HTTPS.

Staging Environments

Easily test changes before deploying to prod.

A faster website means more sales

The shopping experience is quickly ruined if page navigation is sluggish and customers can't find what they're looking for. According to studies, users are less likely to make a purchase if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

That's why having a host that truly understands Magento and its requirements is critical to your online success.

Stable Performance

Each container has reserved resources and limits.

Fast Caching

Varnish and Redis automatically enabled.

Horizontal Scaling

Add more container instances when needed.

Optimized Stack

Application stack carefully optimized for Magento.

All you need to build, manage and scale Magento

Server Automation

Instantly provision sites with a few button clicks.

24/7 Support

Get help from our team of experts when you need it.


Accelerate development with built-in CI/CD and Git.

Automatic Failover

Application containers seamlessly move between nodes.

Free SSL Certificates

All sites gets HTTPS encryption by default.

Team Collaboration

Easily work together with other developers.

Unified UI

Manage all your sites through a single dashboard.

Rollback Support

Easily revert a bad deploy in case of a problem.