Premium Drupal Hosting

High-performance Drupal hosting combined with developer-friendly tools and workflows that enables you to move faster.

Key features:

  • Container-based hosting
  • Powered by Google Cloud
  • Deploy with Git and CI/CD
  • Highly-available clusters
  • Built for developers

Zero-Config Infrastructure

Deploy fully optimized Drupal sites in minutes just by clicking a button. No server admin needed.

Self-Healing Architecture

Resilient cloud infrastructure that automatically recovers from server crashes and errors.

Seamless Auto-Scaling

Native high availability (HA) and horizontal scaling that supports your growing business needs.

Build faster and smarter.

Leverage modern cloud infrastructure and developer workflows for your Drupal projects. Advanced features such as horizontal scaling, CI/CD ("push to deploy") and automatic rollback is included out of the box, allowing you to spend all your time making websites.

ProperHost's container-based cloud platform takes away the pain of maintaining a complex hosting infrastructure.

Free Migration

We'll help you get started in no time.

PCI Compliant

Accept payments online safely and hassle-free.

Inherently Secure

Sandboxed microservice containers and HTTPS.

Staging Environments

Easily test changes before deploying to prod.

Keep your focus on what matters.

ProperHost has years of experience building high-performance, scalable hosting solutions for high-traffic content sites. There's no need to hire a server administrator or waste valuable developer time. Focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest!

Every part of our technology stack has been carefully optimized for maximum speed and stability.

Fully Managed

Don't worry about database tuning or server optimization.

Addon Services

Built-in features such as Redis and Varnish Cache.

Easy Scaling

Support more traffic without upgrading servers.


Automatic error detection and instant fail-over.

All you need to build, manage and scale Drupal

Server Automation

Instantly provision sites with a few button clicks.

24/7 Support

Get help from our team of experts when you need it.


Accelerate development with built-in CI/CD and Git.

Automatic Failover

Application containers seamlessly move between nodes.

Free SSL Certificates

All sites gets HTTPS encryption by default.

Team Collaboration

Easily work together with other developers.

Unified UI

Manage all your sites through a single dashboard.

Rollback Support

Easily revert a bad deploy in case of a problem.